Project, Portfolio or Programme - The Difference

Projects, Portfolios and Programmes – What is the difference? At what point is it fair to describe a project as a programme? Is it a question of size, complexity, or some other aspect that might cause a project to make the transition to become a programme? Much has been written in other blogs and references – some are below – and here is my summary. What is your view? Of the examples I provide which is a project in its Read More
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Work Breakdown Structure - Why one is necessary

There are many discussions on the need for, value, and detail in a work breakdown structure (WBS). So, what is a WBS and why would you have one? How does it relate to a product breakdown structure (PBS)? What are the benefits?                 If you look at any item – a pen for example – you can break it down into its components. Suppose it’s a Biro. There is the Read More
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We all manage change

I have learned that I am the 1,000th member of the Change Management Institute. I wonder how many others are initiators of change or have had to manage it. A million? 10 million? Everyone? We are all engaged in change throughout our lives. From that first moment when you spoke, your first steps as a child, your first encounter with something new. Imagine this. You are two years old. You are British and your parents are working in the Read More
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