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Many of us concentrate more on doing work than on thinking about developing our business. We're trying every day to ensure that what we produce is what our customers want. Suppose we thought about this differently and spent a little more time thining about how we can ensure that our business grows and develops to provide a better service, a better range of products, and our staff and suppliers are all connected in ways that enable our companies to provide what our customers want.

Instead of working long hours to deliver what we have always delivered, we could work out better ways of providing better services and products for our customers.

How can we do this?

Occasionally, but ideally regularly, we could carry out a review. This is hard to do alone; some facilitation can help by providing frameworks, questions, and summarising the options available so that the people in the companies - you and your colleagues - can agree on what your company must do.

The process we facilitate requires a series of steps over a few weeks to provide some thinking time after each session, and preparation for the next.

  1. This is what we know about our company
  2. This is what we need to know for our company's future
  3. Relevant research
  4. Synthesise
  5. Recommend and conclude

This is the essence of all company development and appraisal work.

Through this process clients can discuss the issues they are facing, and together we can work to develop their solutions.

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