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Project success means different things to different people. We run a workshop on ensuring that everyone engaged in a project appreciates what project success means for the client and for everyone involved - staff, suppliers, customers. This means that everyone has a shared goal and can provide the commitment necessary to achieve that goal.

It is much more than finishing the job; it is in ensuring that after the job is over, the client can obtain the benefits they were aiming for, and that everyone involved obtains benefits too. Success can therefore only be judged some time after the inital project has been completed. But success can be and should be defined at the beginning, so that people start with a very clear end in mind.

Please watch the video for a little more on this.

As you can see from the video, if you can ensure that everyone knows what the goal is they can all help you to reach it. We can help you to clarify the goal improving your chances of success.

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Project Success Workshop

We facilitated a short session on project success was held in September at BCS, The British Computer Society, in London. As should be the case for any facilitated discussion, the output depended on the participants, and was captured and shared with them afterwards, in a record now available publicly, via …

For a one-day event for your organisation, including your clients and your supply chain, with output to deliver success for all of you, please click on this link to contact us.

There are many discussions on project success, what it is and how to achieve it. It is clear from these that it is more than successfully delivering a project on time, on budget, and to quality. Real success depends on how the products are used.

Achieving success is rarely smooth: you can and should expect there to be some problems on the way, especially when a major factor of success is change to the ways in which people work. Predicting the changes and preparing for them are crucial.

We have developed a one day workshop exploring this issue, as we believe that understanding what project success means for our clients is fundamental to achieving success.

The day considers the parts that have to be played by the project sponsor or director, the project manager and the project team in achieving overall success of the two key components:

  1. Project Management: every aspect from selection of the projects in which to invest to conclusion and handover
  2. Project or Product Success: the successful use of the outputs of the project, whatever they are. Examples incude a new communications system, a new data management syustem, a new building, a relocation, a changed marketing system.

Real success can only be achieved after the project has been completed and the products are put into use.

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