Bridges of Europe

Bridges are essential to trade, the economy and are fundamental to society, as is clear if anyone need to close one, even temporarily. Here are a few from Hungary, Slovakia, and Germany.

The photos below are all copyright Barry Tuckwood.

I used those in Budapest and the UFO Tower in Bratislava for a presentation to Fellows of ICE (the Institution of Civil Engineers) in Rochester in November 2018 for an after dinner talk titled The Bridges of Budapest at the invitation of Sue Threader, the CEO of Rochester Bridge Trust. I discussed various aspects of bridges including politics and the economics of trade.


The Chain Bridge by day looking north, by night looking south

Liberty Bridge

Margaret Bridge (Margit Hid)


UFO Tower

Viewed from the UFO Tower

Interesting structure of this bridge.

Trams, pedestrians and cyclists only, Bratislava


The main railway bridge, Cologne

Small but vital when originally built, some could argue that it is just as important now:

The bridge to the Chocolate Museum, Cologne

If you'd like a presentation on The Bridges of Budapest and their connections with the UK, please email me.

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