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Our style for all courses is to be interactive and engaging. We find that this approach leads to greater success in developing detailed understanding of important issues and enables more contructive approaches to solving problems. Our latest workshops are on Governance and on Project Success. These one day events are designed to provide direct and immediate benefits to you. Please contact us for an informal discussion.

As well as longer term support in delivering project management services, we also have a range of short courses and workshops available on

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Achieving Project Success

What does project success mean to the client? To the project team? To the evental users? To the suppliers? To the wider stakeholder groups such as the general public as taxpayers?
We can run a workshop on project success, designed to engage with the whole team to determine what project success means for everyone involverd, what prevents success, and enable them to leave with something to do to help achieve it. This workshop goes beyond the client perspective of what they want the project to deliver, and why it matters to them, and how it is aligned with their strategy, by involving the wider team to see what success means for eveyone. To illustrate the importance of this, let us consider, here, a common situation.
Based on research and experience the workshop is designed to ensure that everyone from the CEO to the youngest recruit understands what project success is, what their role is, and what needs to happen for real success to be achieved.

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Strategy Development

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Data Management

There are gneeric aspects to data management which can be drawn from a number of different sectors. We can use these as part of a workshop to help you to producer and update a data management strategy specific to your organisation.

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Project management

As well as the workshop on project success outlined above, we also provide workshops and mentoring on the whole of the project process, in line with best practice, enabling your project team to select, procure and manage projects from concept to completion and handover ready for use.

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Process Review and Process Mapping

All projects require and involve changes to processes. The introduction of a call centre, for example, requires changes to how customers are contacted and how interactions with them are recorded so that any follow-up meets their needs. This is an example of an organisation needing to review and update processes to reflect changes in the way they, their suppliers, and their customers work. What would training and mentoring provide?

In one case, the overall work of a full process review reduced the time of some processes by over 50%. What could you save?

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Change Management

All projects require and involve change, and people resist change. When embarking on 'change management' it helps to be able to understand what might be involved in managing change.

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Risk Management

Developing an appreciation of the risks involved in any business, as well as in specific processes, assists in identifying the overall strategy, potential investments, and new initiatives, as well as in working out what is preventing progress or might one day put the business at risk of failure.
Organisations need to consider this in the context of their company, their market, and for any existing projects to develop a holistic approach to risk management that can cater for business conditions overall. This covers more than financial aspects. What can a workshop provide?

Our courses are all interactive, developed and based on experience drawn from a wide range of industry, including construction, oil, pharmaceutical, utilities, and the public sector.

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