Successful data management requires trust

How much do you trust your colleagues, suppliers, and customers? For a series of workshops for GP practice managers at conference a few years ago I researched the subject of my material, data management, revealing strong similarities between the main requirements in very diverse organisations. There were also some very important differences, the need to distinguish between hard and soft data which I will come to in a later blog. The real Read More
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Waterfall and Agile

There are many discussions on using Waterfall – the traditional approach to project management, or Agile, widely regarded as being the best way of dealing with software development and similar situations where the client and users cannot accurately predict and state their future requirements.         Where do I stand on this? I do not recall ever having to draw a distinction between the two in a Read More
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Why and Why do you ask

Why? Why do you ask? Why do we ask why? Why does anyone ask why? Why can it be annoying on the one hand or constructive on the other? There are two main motives for the question “Why?”. We ask why because we want to find out more. It is natural and we hear children asking why, repeatedly, because they are inquisitive. While it can be irritating we think that it is good that they want to increase their knowledge, so that they Read More
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