Start at the End

Have you ever been faced with the need to provide an early answer to work that you have not yet begun? Whenever anyone sees a possible benefit from seeing their name attached to a publication, journal, article they need to know what they will say. You express interest to the publisher, the conference or the exhibition organiser. And then you are asked to provide an abstract. This is the same as when writing academic papers or material Read More
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Project Success

What is project success? What does a happy ending look like? The media frequently reports adversely about major projects, usually referring to cost and time excesses. The main point of a published article (September 2009 ) is that success is in two parts: Project management: the part everyone tends to concentrate on, assessing Read More
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Projects Always Require Change

What is your reaction to the title? Some people will think about different projects and try to identify one which, for them, does not require change. “Suppose”, someone might say, “If the project is the purchase of a major item and is regarded as a project even though it is a repeat item, what changes are there?” In the ensuing discussion, the key point is that a repeat purchase of a substantial item, whether that Read More
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