The Elephant in the Room

Your organisation, your business, your project seems to be going well except for something but you are not sure what. Something is going on, going wrong, unspoken, and there is growing undercurrent of gossip and quiet malaise. You are aware of this but no-one has been open about it.   You need to encourage openness. There are various techniques, mostly involving talking to people, but whatever you have asked, no-one says anything. Read More
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Project, Portfolio or Programme - The Difference

Projects, Portfolios and Programmes – What is the difference? At what point is it fair to describe a project as a programme? Is it a question of size, complexity, or some other aspect that might cause a project to make the transition to become a programme? Much has been written in other blogs and references – some are below – and here is my summary. What is your view? Of the examples I provide which is a project in its Read More
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Work Breakdown Structure - Why one is necessary

There are many discussions on the need for, value, and detail in a work breakdown structure (WBS). So, what is a WBS and why would you have one? How does it relate to a product breakdown structure (PBS)? What are the benefits?                 If you look at any item – a pen for example – you can break it down into its components. Suppose it’s a Biro. There is the Read More
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