Projects Always Require Change

What is your reaction to the title? Some people will think about different projects and try to identify one which, for them, does not require change. “Suppose”, someone might say, “If the project is the purchase of a major item and is regarded as a project even though it is a repeat item, what changes are there?” In the ensuing discussion, the key point is that a repeat purchase of a substantial item, whether that Read More
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Strategy, Change and Project Management - The Links

All organisations need a strategy, ideally one that is sustainable to cope with changing economic conditions. Some organisations are able to predict the future and make some changes in advance; but most organisations have change thrust upon them. The strategy is therefore subject to two types of change: self-imposed and externally demanded. These changes can be either gradually absorbed into the business and operations, or they can be Read More
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Blog Introduction

Here, I intend to set the scene, showing the range of material I hope to cover, but it will expand to cover related issues. If it is in the news and I think it is relevant, I will try to include it. If you think I should comment on something lease let me know. The main theme is about the link between strategy, change and projects, bringing them together to enable Read More
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