Change Management - Creating Change

An idea I presented on initiating change recently received an enthusiastic response. Perhaps it will work for you. It is taken from an article I wrote some years ago, reproduced in an edited form below. The full version is available here. Creating Change : Write out the things that would make you less grumpy on a Monday, more willing to turn up, more joyful at your work. Ideally do not do this alone, this is not a competition. A group Read More
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Selecting Project Managers

How often do we see jobs which require a manager, see the outline for a role that seems perfect and then, in some peculiar arrangement between organisation and recruiter, they add “essential skills and qualifications”. The person appointed for a project management role must be a finance expert, an IT wizard, a qualified accountant; they must have “banking and back office systems experience in major banks or insurance Read More
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Start at the End

Have you ever been faced with the need to provide an early answer to work that you have not yet begun? Whenever anyone sees a possible benefit from seeing their name attached to a publication, journal, article they need to know what they will say. You express interest to the publisher, the conference or the exhibition organiser. And then you are asked to provide an abstract. This is the same as when writing academic papers or material Read More
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