Work Breakdown Structure - Why one is necessary

There are many discussions on the need for, value, and detail in a work breakdown structure (WBS). So, what is a WBS and why would you have one? How does it relate to a product breakdown structure (PBS)? What are the benefits?                 If you look at any item – a pen for example – you can break it down into its components. Suppose it’s a Biro. There is the Read More
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We all manage change

I have learned that I am the 1,000th member of the Change Management Institute. I wonder how many others are initiators of change or have had to manage it. A million? 10 million? Everyone? We are all engaged in change throughout our lives. From that first moment when you spoke, your first steps as a child, your first encounter with something new. Imagine this. You are two years old. You are British and your parents are working in the Read More
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People, Process, Technology and Change

What drives or prevents change? What are the obstacles that we need to overcome for successful change?   Ready for change?   The importance of people, process and technology is often discussed in forums, seminars, and informal gatherings. There are those who believe that technology is a driver for change. There are others who believe it is an enabler. And others who think that technology – anything new – is Read More
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