Risk Management Moving Target

Is IT risk management a moving target? There is a question on Quora 'Is IT Risk Management a Moving Target?' which I answered there, but the principles relate to all organisations and projects. The original question refers to ‘IT risk management’ suggesting something Read More
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Why is Project Management Hard

This question was asked on Quora. My response is here: Perhaps you could let us know which parts of project management are hard for you. Chuck Cobb provides an answer on Quora with which I agree: it is always about delivering an output for acceptance by a client, employing - and managing - a range of people and resources (cranes, office space, IT systems, suppliers, finance for example). Chuck mentions Agile but many of the issues faced Read More
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Identifying and overcoming bottlenecks

Identifying and overcoming bottlenecks You have a project You have created a plan In doing so you've engaged your team to develop it but it is a plan. A plan is not a promise. Now cater for the variations in the plan. Who is involved? What are the resources? Are there special pieces of equipment that are vital and are shared. Add resources to the plan, including everyone involved - staff, suppliers, stakeholders, Read More
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