Hierarchy for project management, construction project management, and construction

A hierarchy for project management, construction project management, and construction A question asked on Quora relates to the differences between construction project management, and construction, and project management. Here is my edited answer. The distinctions matter because of the need to be clear, for everyone involved, on their roles in the work, and the effect of their roles and their work on other people. All projects affect Read More
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Innovation Inspiration Aspiration and Robots

Benefits from Robotics Robotics can be the source of many benefits, and combining subjects helps maximise benefits. Here is an example of a real success, not in one subject but in several, all combined for a common goal. At its heart is robotics, but there is much more to its success than applying maths and computing, as will become clear. In early 2017 some students of London Design and Engineering University Technical College - Read More
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Plan ahead - there is no other option

Planning ahead for project success Have you noticed how often we are told we should plan ahead for travel, for studies, for a house move, for a career, for a new power station... We're always advised to plan ahead. As though there is another option. As though we could plan backwards, find a time machine, wait until after the event, then go backwards in time and try again. You want a great holiday. Would you plan any of it after Read More
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