Major Change Management: Building Information Modelling

25 May 2015

The Stakeholders in Property and Construction

Building Information Management (BIM) has been at the heart of major change in the way that the property and construction industry operates for some years now, with some clear signs of successful implementation across a range of projects from new build to long term maintenance. Collaboration and trust is vital to success, as it is with any successful change.

I’ve been a member of the Information Systems Panel and the Building Information Modelling (BIM) Task Group for the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) for about 3 years. In February I provided two presentations and was on the panel for an event in Amman, Jordan, and I have used some of the same material in a webinar recorded at ICE in March. The recording is now live on ICE’s website, and might be of interest to anyone with property and construction industry clients.

 BIM is relevant to the whole of the supply chain as illustrated in the figure. The webinar is available here: …

There are lessons for other industries and markets from this, especially regarding the time that might be necessary for wide engagement and participation, as it can take a very long time to progress from the early concepts to adoption. A second lesson is that success depends on cultural change, collaboration and trust. While many people might consider technology to be key, the real sequence for effective delivery is through people first, then process and then technology.

I'd be happy to discuss this with anyone interested in engagement in Building Information Modelling or in any major change programme

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