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Our objective is to help you and your company to achieve your goal through identifying problems and finding solutions

Making the complex simple. Ensuring everyone's engaged. Delivering Success


The Seven Cs of Success

We've worked with a number of organisations and individuals and identified this as a way of assessing where your organisation is, what teh gaps are between its current position and what it needs, and then on creating a way of filling the gaps.

What metrics would you apply to each of these?

You should be scoring 1-5 with 5 being the top score in the outer band. But compromses might be necessary.

What is you optimum?

Where are you now?

How do you know - an internal guess or have you been able to ask staff, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders?

How would you fill gaps?

How would you measure changes?

For a confidential discussion Please contact us about The Seven Cs.

Presenting on Procurement

eWorld Procurement and Supply, 24 September 2018


Barry Tuckwood on Procurement and Negotiation

Drawing on a wide range of examples this presentation explores the relationship throughout the supply chain between procurement and negotiation.

Published 13 September, Tomorrow's Facilities Management:

Construction and BIM: A Vision for the Future

Published: BIM for whole life asset management

In Builder and Engineer Dec 2016 on page 30

There is more on our BIM page, here

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Training and Facilitation -

Our Approach

We provide training and facilitation using a unique approach. Our intention is for people to leave the event with something they can take back to their organisations for them to use directly. This means they should be engaged throughout the event, and should not be distracted with taking too many of their own notes.

We ensure that all inteactive material can be collected

We then include it in a final slide set returned to delegates

This includes summaries and next steps

So everyone has their own record of the discussion.

And clear statements of what their next steps are

Ensuring that there is immediate and lasting value from the event.

We have used this for subjects including



Project Management,

BIM for Asset Management.

An example of Project Success is below:

We facilitated a short session on project success at BCS, The British Computer Society, in London, with about 40 attendees. We captured their input and shared the whole presentations with them afterwards, in a record now available publicly, via

For a one-day event for your organisation, including your clients and your supply chain, with output to deliver success for all of you, please click here to contact us.

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"....By the way, you're a very good panel member - quick response, concise, detailed, insightful. Many thanks, for this and many other things."


Barry Tuckwood is a business consultant working with people and organisations to create their strategy, select and manage projects and programmes, and include change management to improve their success

He also works on the delivery of MBA courses for Durham University Business School and is a member of the Information Systems Panel and the Building Information Modelling Action Group for the Institution of Civil Engineers

He is interested in short and long term assignments as a consultant or interim manager, to help you and your business.

Strategic management is vital to all organisations. It is part of our work with Durham Univerity's MBA course, delivering it to students worldwide, introduced here. We would be happy to discuss how to support you and your company in developing and implemting your strategy. Please contact us.

We also work on Corporate Governance, as shown in this short video, and would be pleased to discuss good governance with you. Please contact us.

Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling can provide imrpvoements to all aspects of the built environment, from concept to completion, handover, long term operation, and eventual replacement. 

Barry Tuckwood has been working on Building Information Modelling for many years, and provides a course on BIM and Asset Management through Thomas Telford Limited for the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is relevant to the whole of the property and asset ownership, design, construction and management supply chains, and was featured in Raconteur available in The Sunday Times, 14 June 2015.

A webinar created with the Institution of Civil Engineers is available here. It is based on material I presented in Jordan in February 2015.

Building Information Modelling: History, purpose and benefits - webinar
To discuss how BIM affects you as client, property developer, property owner, property manager, contractor or supplier please contact us.

More videos of our project and change management services are available through the link below.

Making the complex simple. Ensuring everyone's engaged. Delivering Success

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